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Henna Tattoo artist

Hello, my name is Midhat and I am a Henna Tattoo Artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been Henna as my side hobby for more than five years now. I first started doing henna at the age of eleven and since then I have been in love with it. In teenage years, I would practice it on and off since I was going to school. In high school, I first did it to my male teacher and more people wanted to get it from there. That time, it never hit me that I should start charging people until someone asked me that how much would I charge to do it for them. I always had a passion for the arts and I am always up to find activities which allows me to be creative. I have done henna on events such as birthday parties, festivals, girls night-in, bridal showers, school events and more. I always use organic henna, which is better for the sensitive skin as well. I also travel up to 100 miles surrounding Atlanta area. To learn more, feel free to ask me or get in touch with me for inquiries.




I always go to her whenever I need a henna tattoo. 

Artist is very professional and takes pride in her work.